God bless the Mighty Sound of Maryland

For my inaugural Dude post, I had to go with one of his favorite topics: the Mighty Sound of Maryland.

Back Story #1

If you read “About Me,” you know that I attended the University of Maryland. During my years there, I participated in the Mighty Sound of Maryland, the University’s marching band. Marching bands just happen to be one of my brother’s favorite things. During football season, and in the off-season, the Mighty Sound is all Dude ever talks about.

During MSOM’s pregame show, the announcer has a very particular way of introducing the band. Please follow this link and start the video at 3:09 to hear it.

Back Story #2

Every night, whoever puts Dude to bed says evening prayers with him. It is the same prayer every night, and it goes as follows:

“I see the moon and the moon sees me. God bless the moon and God bless me.”

Back Story #3

Dude mumbles. A lot. He smushes his words together and it’s hard to understand him clearly sometimes.

Alrighty. Now you know the back story.

Dude-ism #1

Me: Ok Dude, let’s say prayers.

Dude: Iseethemoon andthemoonseesme. Godblessthemoonand God bless the Mighty Souuuuund of Marrrrrryland!


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