The Body of Christ.. and an innocent church goer

There are so many good Dude incidents that occurred in church. But this one is my favorite.

Back story #1

We have belonged to the same Catholic parish since I was born. I attended the parish’s elementary school. Our family used to be weekly church goers. We more or less always sat in the same pew with the same families around us, but sometimes new families or individuals not acquainted with my brother would sit in front of us.

Back story #2

Dude really really does not like misplaced hairs or fuzzies on his or other people’s clothing.

Aaaaand cue story.

Dude-ism #2

One Sunday, a new family sat in front of us. Everything was going fine until about the time the priest was blessing the Host (for those non-Catholics out there, the Host is a wafer that is blessed by the priest and becomes the Body of Christ), which is one of the most serious parts of mass. This is when Dude suddenly noticed that the woman in front of us had a fuzzy on her rear end. His hand shot out, and before we realized what was happening, he had removed the offending fuzzy. The woman jumped, obviously startled that her behind had been frisked during mass. She then turned around the glared accusingly at my FATHER.

SERIOUSLY? The dad sitting with his family in mass was the obvious choice? Seriously?

My dad blanched under the woman’s glare, my mother and I fought back tears of laughter, and Dude sat there innocently, perfectly content now that his mission had been completed.

At the end of mass, we informed the woman that my brother with autism who really doesn’t like fuzzies was the culprit, and all was forgiven.


One thought on “The Body of Christ.. and an innocent church goer

  1. oh. my. gosh. that is hilarious, seriously my all time fav thing any “dude” has ever done. I look forward to reading more of your stories 🙂

    I am still laughing hehehe

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