Hubba hubba

Back story #1

It’s funny how hormones are just ingrained. Ever since Dude hit puberty, he notices pretty girls. And because he doesn’t understand the subtleties of “checking a girl out,” he blatantly stares. He prefers blondes, but will notice a particularly attractive brunette as well. Dude generally doesn’t say anything to the girls, he just stares with a small smile on his face.

..Until this one night.

Dude-ism #3

Sadly, I was not witness to this event as I was away at school.

My parents and Dude decided to go out to dinner. They were in the waiting area while a table was getting cleared for them. This is when a family who had finished eating walked past to leave the restaurant; a mom, dad, daughter in her late teens, and son in his early teens. The daughter, who was a pretty blonde, was the last of her family to walk past Dude. As she opened the door, Dude decided to speak:

“Hubba hubba!”

The girl paused, looked back at my brother, CLEARLY annoyed, and then huffed out the front door.

My parents managed to keep their composure until she closed the door.

The best part of this is, we have no idea where Dude got the idea to say that! It’s not like my dad ever sat him down and said, “Son, these are some funny things you could say to girls you think are pretty.” Dude must have heard it somewhere, understood the context in which you say it, and stored it in his memory for later use.

Oh Dude.


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