Back story #1

My alma mater, Maryland, is a Division I sports school. We have won national titles in multiple sports, but are probably best-known for our basketball teams. When it comes to basketball, we have one sworn enemy. DUKE. Just about everyone affiliated with our school loathes our division rivals in Durham, and we make absolutely no effort to conceal our disdain for them. What some call a complete and utter lack of class on the part of Maryland fans, I call spirited engageme… Ok yea.. it’s a complete and utter lack of class. We just really don’t like them, ok?

Back story #2

Way back in the day, Dude had a teacher at school who was a Dallas Cowboys fan. Being from the Philadelphia region, our household cheers on the Eagles. The Eagles and the Cowboys are kind of like Maryland and Duke.. And if there is any group who might be even less classy than Maryland fans, it’s the Santa-snowball-pelting, chip on their shoulders Philadelphians.

The point in time when Dude had this teacher was when he was first getting the hang of using words (this was 15 years ago). So naturally, my parents decided he should know a very important response for when his teacher mentioned the Dallas Cowboys..

Back story #3

You can read about this on the “Dude Language Guide” page, but Dude really likes it when people repeat words or phrases and repeat them in unison.

Alright, so now for this weekend’s Dude-ism.

Dude-ism #4

On Sunday night, unranked Maryland and #1 Duke faced off in Durham, NC. Miraculously, the game was broadcasted in Philly. Dude and I sat down to cheer on the Terps. Duke fans have this one particular chant (start at 00:17) that they use regularly and loudly throughout the game. Naturally, Dude thought this was awesome and started chanting along with them, “Let’s go DUKE. Let’s go DUKE.”

Well obviously I couldn’t let that stand and saw it as a teachable moment.

Me: Dude! Do you remember what we used to say about the Dallas Cowboys?

Dude, thinks for a second: YUCK.

Me: Exactly! You know who else is yuck? Duke. We say “Let’s go Terps!” And what do we say about Duke?

Dude: YUCK.

[By the way, the Terps put up a valiant effort and kept the game very close, despite losing in the end (SHOULD HAVE MADE THOSE FREE THROWS. JUST SAYING.)]


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