Brotherly love (or lack thereof)

Back story #1

You can read about Dude’s use of the word “no” in the “Dude Language Guide.” Basically, if he puts “no” in front of something, it means he wants it.

Back story #2

Dude was absolutely in love with my roommate (who is a blonde, SURPRISE!) from freshman and sophomore year of college.

Dude-ism #5

My family came down to visit one weekend in the fall of my sophomore year. We hadn’t seen each other since they had dropped me off two months earlier in the middle of August. That morning, we planned to go to our favorite diner for breakfast. They pulled up outside my dorm in the family van, and I hopped in the backseat with my brother.

Me: Hey Dude! Long time, no see!

Dude looks at me, looks at the dorm, looks at me, and says in his typical sing-song voice: No Kiiiiim.

No hello to me. Just, hey, where’s your cute roommate??


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