Performance anxiety

Back story #1

Please read about Dude’s use of the word “goodbye” under the “Dude Language Guide” page.

Back story #2

I play piano. Not very often anymore, but occasionally. When I first started playing, I had an irrational fear of people watching me while I practiced. If my mom sat in the living room (where the piano is) while I was playing, I would get really nervous. If she was in the kitchen, one room away, I was totally fine. I understand that that’s completely absurd, that she could still hear me even though she was in a different room, but the fact that she wasn’t watching me somehow made it ok in my brain.

Back story #3

Music is Dude’s favorite thing in life. He goes to music therapy classes once a week. For awhile, my parents tried him out on the piano, but he lacks the fine motor skills to play anything more than a few simple one-handed tunes. Every once in awhile, Dude decides to sit down at our piano and “play,” AKA hits some high notes, some low notes, and press down a bunch of keys in the middle.

Dude-ism #6

I had played piano for a little bit one afternoon. I didn’t think Dude had heard it since he was upstairs blaring his radio, but later that night as we were finishing dinner, he abruptly stood up.

Dude: Piano!

Dad: Do you want to play?

Dude: Yes.

Dad: Ok, go right ahead.

Dude hardly ever sits at the piano, let alone announces his intention to do so. He went out to the living room and started tinkering away. Dad walked out to the living room and stood there watching and listening. After about 30 seconds, Dude sensed Dad’s presence and stopped playing.

Dude, stops playing and turns around in the seat to look at Dad: Goodbyyyyyye

Dad, shocked and amused, comes back to the kitchen: HE’S JUST LIKE HIS SISTER.


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