Unwelcome orthodontia

I apologize for the lack of Dude stories the last few days. We had a very busy weekend, including a sibling day out to the Wells Fargo Center to see the Maryland men’s basketball team take on #7 Villanova. Maryland lost (AFTER LEADING BY 12 WITH 10 MINUTES LEFT TO PLAY. SERIOUSLY, TERPS?? What’s that, you say? Bitter? I’m not bitter), but Dude had a great time! He was fairly quiet and a little tense throughout due to processing the loud noises (particularly the blaring, out of tune pep band), but every once in a while he loosened up and cracked a smile. At one point, he started cheering along with the Villanova fans, which the guy next to us found pretty hysterical seeing as we were decked out in Maryland gear. Once we got away from the noise and into the car, Dude was smiling and kept repeating “No Maryland basketball game!,” which I think means he had fun.. so it was money well spent.

Now.. For today’s Dude-ism, I’m going to have to use a Cape May story (of which there are many).

Back story #1

Our parents have been vacationing in Cape May, NJ (don’t hate on South Jersey) since before I was born. We go there every summer, more or less around the same time, and stay in the same place. For the week and a half we are there, Dude and I have to share a room. Dude normally keeps pretty crazy hours when it comes to sleeping (3:30am is a perfectly acceptable time to be awake, isn’t it?), but down the shore, he sleeps like a baby. We think it has something to do with the salty air and the fact he takes very long walks every day. However, it normally takes a day or two for him to sleep like a normal person.

Back story #2

From 5th to 8th grade, I had to wear braces. And not just braces.. oh no. That would have been too easy. I had to wear head gear at night as well (pesky overbite). For those of you unfamiliar with head gear, observe: Not very natural-looking, is it?

Dude would have to agree with you.

Dude-ism #8

The first night we were on vacation, Mom got Dude ready for bed. I stayed up a bit longer and got in bed about half an hour later. We each had a twin-sized bed. Dude wasn’t asleep when I walked into the room, but he was lying in bed, quietly humming to himself. I put on my head gear and laid down.

You know when you have your eyes closed and you can suddenly sense someone’s presence near you?

Well, I opened my eyes, and Dude was standing next to my bed, staring down at me.

Me: What’s up Dude?

Dude’s hand shot out and grabbed the front of my head gear and started yanking as hard as he possibly could.

Dude: Off! Off! Off!!!

Me, while my head is getting pulled along with the head gear: OW OW OW OW OW OW STOP IT.



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