Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Back story #1

I think I mentioned this on the “Meet Dude” page, but Dude does this one particularly funny thing with music. He likes inserting his favorite phrases in place of song lyrics while he’s singing a song.

Back story #2

You know the song, “Baby, It’s Cold Outside?” The most famous version is by a very lecherous-sounding Dean Martin. Well in case you have forgotten, the song is essentially a conversation that overlaps. Example:

I really can’t stay (But baby, it’s cold outside)
I’ve got to go ‘way (But baby, it’s cold outside)
This evening has been (Been hopin’ that you’d drop in)
So very nice (I’ll hold your hands, they’re just like ice)

Back story #3

Like Dude, I frequently have music playing in my head. Someone says something that makes me think of a song, or one just pops into my head for no particular reason.

Dude-ism #9

Last night, I was helping Dude refill our giant container that we use for pretzels (one of Dude’s favorite snacks). For some reason, I started humming “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.” Dude decided to join in. According to him, the lyrics should be:

I really can’t stay (No Mighty Sound of Maryland)
I’ve got to go ‘way (No Maryland basketball)
This evening has been (No Mighty Sound of Maryland)
So very nice (No Around the World in 80 Days)


Sing it in your head. With some finagling of the syllables, it works.

Also, he was perfectly in key and right on with his Dean Martin intonation.


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