Big hug!

Ok. This story isn’t so much humorous as it is slightly sappy, so I apologize if you were looking for a good chuckle today.

Back story #1

Do you remember a British show called “Teletubbies”? The characters were.. well, I don’t even know what I can liken them to.. they were just plain freaky. Observe:

Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-laa, and Po


They could watch videos of real life children on their stomachs, there was a baby in the sun, their pet was a vacuum cleaner named Noo-noo, and speakers came out of the ground and told them what to do. Weird, right?

Dude was positively obsessed with this show in the late ’90s.

They repeated EVERYTHING. Everything they said, everything they did, EVERYTHING. Obviously, Dude loves repetitious activities, which meant that our household has seen episodes of Teletubbies more than any one family should.

Dude-ism #12

“Teletubbies” came to America”s PBS channel in 1998. Dude was 8 years old.

At the time, Dude didn’t hug. If you asked him for a hug, he would kind of lean into you, but that was it. He wouldn’t raise his arms around your shoulders or your waist, he would just lean into you and let you do all the work.

One of the favorite repetitious activities of the Teletubbies? Hugging.

They would finish doing something fun and then all run in for a group hug, saying, “Big huuuuuuug!”

I don’t know how long Dude had been watching “Teletubbies” at this point, but one day he came into the same room as our mom. He came up next to her, declared, “Big hug!,” and hugged her for the first time ever.

Granted, he just kind of flopped his arms around her shoulders and didn’t squeeze whatsoever, but he hugged her. He saw the act of hugging on the show and figured out how to apply it and initiate it in real life.


So yea. “Teletubbies” was a freaky show. But it taught my brother how to hug, so all those hours hearing “Again! Again Again!!!” from the family room TV weren’t for naught.


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