Angry birds

Back story #1

Anyone who owns an iPhone probably has the app, Angry Birds. In summary: Pigs steal the birds’ eggs to eat. The birds get really angry. You use a slingshot to shoot birds at the pigs and their protective constructions. Kill a certain number of pigs, get lots of points and progress to the next level. Observe.

That description may not be entirely accurate because I do not own an iPhone. My dad is the techy member of the family.

Dude-ism #14

Dude loves Angry Birds. Dad made the mistake of showing him the game, and Dude took a shine to the noises the characters make. Almost every night during dinner, he turns to Dad and says, “No Angry Birds! No Angry Birds!” (Translation: I would like to play Angry Birds, please).

Also, when Dude does a fake laugh, he laughs like the pigs, “Heh heh heh.” Every once in awhile, I hear “Heh heh heh” coming from whatever room Dude is in.


This doesn’t really add anything to the story, but this trailer is pretty fantastic.


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