Why Dude should (probably) never go to a foreign country

Back story #1

Dude frequently talks in what we like to call gibberish. It makes zero sense. I’m not even sure how to type it out. It’s sort of a mix between scatting (without the beat) and well.. gibberish. “Boodiddybopbopow” or “Buddabuddabudda” (short “u” sound).

Anyway, it’s what he does and he really likes it when other people talk in what he perceives as gibberish.

Except 9 times out of 10, those other people are speaking their native language. Oops.

Dude-ism #20

A few weekends ago, Dude and I went out to breakfast with our grandmom, aunt, and uncle. I led the group to the back of the restaurant, where there are tables big enough to accommodate a party of 5.

I realized my error too late.

There were three Spanish speaking gentlemen at the table next to us.

I couldn’t turn around and walk away because that would appear rude. So I sat Dude down at the table and prayed he wouldn’t hear them talking (yea right.. the kid has bat ears).

Dude actually didn’t hear them until the conversation lagged at our table. However, as soon as he heard them, he broke into a huge grin, turned his head in their direction, and said “Buddabuddabuddabuddabudda.”

Luckily, they didn’t notice. Or if they did, they chose not to react.


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