Back story #1

Today you’re going to learn a new term: echolalia. This is one of the characteristics of autism. Not all kids on the spectrum demonstrate echolalia, but it is one of the calling cards of the disorder. Echolalia is the immediate repetition of a word or phrase said by another person. Dude did this a LOT when he was younger. He still does it today, but not on as much of a compulsive basis.

Because of Dude’s tendency to repeat, our family has to watch what we say around him. Basically, we can never ever use profane language within hearing distance of him. Not that we use profane language all that much, but sometimes stuff slips out.

Whereas in the past, Dude demonstrate immediate echolalia, now he sometimes hears something and files it away for later (and inappropriate) use.

Back story #2

Dude mumbles. So sometimes he comes out with phrases/words that sound like expletives, but actually aren’t.

This is not one of those times.

Dude-ism #22

A few weekends ago, our family went over to my grandparents’ house for pizza, wings, and game night. We had a lovely evening and were topping it off with dessert when suddenly Dude said something that sounded a lot like “Son of a *****.”

Everyone paused mid-bite and looked at him, eyebrows raised.

Mom Mom: Did he just say what I think he said?

If we were uncertain, Dude left no doubt when 30 seconds later he said it again, clear as day.

We have no idea where he heard it/why he decided to say it at that moment.


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