Winter Blues

Back story #1

I’m known for hating everything about winter. I like the first snowfall, but after that, spring/summer can’t get here soon enough. I have recently come to the conclusion that Dude just might feel the same way.

Dude-ism #24

Since January, Dude has requested his “Waves DVD” repeatedly. What is the “Waves DVD” you ask? Well, if you love beautiful vistas and the sound of waves hitting the sand, it’s pretty much the best thing ever.

One side features scenes from Hawaii. The other, California. For about 2 weeks straight in January, it was the only thing Dude watched. Everytime he puts it on, he says, “No Cape May” (translation: I would like to go to Cape May soon, please). We remind him that we go to Cape May in the summer. Dude thinks about this for a second and then says, “Soon we go to Cape May!!!”

We’re not entirely sure if he grasps the concept of time.

But I’m right there with ya, bud. The summer can’t come soon enough!!!


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