Dude and The Cousins

Today, you get two Dude stories! I was just going to post one, but then that story made me think of another, so before I forget, I’m posting both!

Back story #1

We are really fortunate in that our extended family is great with Dude. They embrace his quirks and love nothing more than to get him to crack a smile or laugh hysterically.  

Back story #2

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know that Dude has a profound love for music.

Back story #2

You also know that Dude loves it when people repeat themselves/echo.

Dude-ism #25

Every year for Dude’s birthday, everyone in the family calls to wish him a happy birthday. Last year, Dude got one message in particular that he LOVED.

One of our older cousins sang “Happy Birthday” into our answering machine.. and sung it like his voice was echoing in a cave or a baseball stadium.

Dude was laughing so hard. You know the kind of laughter when there’s hardly any sound coming out and you’re gasping for breath? That’s what Dude was doing as he listened to the message.

“Happy birthday to you-ou-ou-ou-ou

Happy birthday to you-ou-ou-ou-ou

Happ-app-y Birth-irth-irth day-ay-ay dear-ear-ear Du-du-du Duuuuude

Happ-app-y Birth-irth-irth day-ay-ay to-to-to you-ou-ou-ou!”


A couple weeks ago, Dude and I stopped over our aunt and uncle’s house to visit. Dude went to sit in the family room while I chatted with our cousins. All of a sudden, from the family room, we hear, “You’ve got the loooove.”

We all leaned towards the family room. Dude had an impish grin on his face and repeated, “You’ve got the looooove.”

The oldest of my cousins started laughing, while the rest of us looked incredibly confused.

“He’s singing Florence and the Machine,” he explained.

“How does he know who Florence and the Machine is?” I asked.

Well, it turns out a couple weeks prior to our visit, Mom had dropped Dude off for a few hours. Our cousin was around and took the opportunity to introduce Dude to Florence and the Machine. He sang “You’ve Got the Love” to Dude and Dude remembered it.


2 thoughts on “Dude and The Cousins

  1. Great stories. I love laughter like that. You can’t help but laugh as well and you feel almost refreshed afterward. My son has autism and a great memory for songs and movies. Today we watched Bolt, and he knows nearly every word.

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