All gone

Back story #1

Dude has certain phrases that he loves. They vary. Some phrases he walks around repeating for a month straight, others last a year. I can’t tell you how happy I was when he finally got “No Wal-Mart” out of his system. That particular episode lasted for what seemed liked an eternity.

Dude is happiest when you give in and repeat his given phrase after him. He gets a self-satisfied grin on his face and tries to get you to do it again. We probably shouldn’t reward him as much as we do, but the kid has got some serious stamina and perseverance.

One of Dude’s recent obsessions has been the phrase “All gone.” He sits there and looks at you and says, “All gone. All gone. All gone. All gone. All gone.” It’s hardly ever in an appropriate context.

Now whether this instance was him being compulsive or freakishly witty, I do not know. But his timing was superb.

Dude-ism #28

One night, I was in charge of making sure Dude ate dinner. Now, as I have mentioned, Dude is not a big eater. He needs constant prompting if you have any hope of him eating more than half of what is on his plate.

One of the ways we cajole him into eating is singing. We take a song and change the lyrics to words about eating (strange, I know. But it actually works. We’ve come up with some really creative ones.)

This was one of my less creative nights.

I started singing Michael Jackson’s “Beat It.” Obviously my substitution was “Eat It” (NOT the Weird Al version).

Dude smirked and took a bite of whatever he was eating.

As I have also mentioned, Dude has a music library in his head. I decided to test it out.

“Dude, who sings that song?” I asked.

Instantaneously, he replied in his sing song-y voice, “Michael Jacksooon!”

After a short pause, Dude added, “All gone.”


If I have to explain to you why that is funny, you have been living under a rock since June 2009.



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