Clothes? I don’t need no stinking clothes!

Back story #1

To this day, I don’t know if this phase was sensory-driven or not. Bets are, it was.

Dude-ism #30

Most families don’t have to worry about whether or not their 10 year old son will have on clothes when they enter a room he is in.

Our family is not like most families.

Dude went through a “I’m not really feeling the whole clothes thing” phase around pre-adolescence. He didn’t fight my parents on putting ON the clothes. He simply opted to take them off whenever he felt like it. And when I say “take them off,” I mean EVERYTHING.

There was the time we were at our grandparents’ house. Everyone was sitting on the front porch, enjoying a warm evening, except Dude, who was inside listening to music. I went in to grab a drink and was greeted by my completely unclothed brother, lounging on the dog’s bed.

Then there was the time we were staying with family friends for a long weekend down the shore. The family’s kids walked into the TV room and got a shock when they found Dude, unclothed, sitting on a bean bag chair.

It got to the point that my mom, dad, or I had to go “scout” for Dude if we were at an event at someone’s house and hadn’t seen him for longer than 10 minutes. We had it down to a science. If one of us said, “I haven’t seen Dude in awhile,” another would say, “I’m on it,” and hop up to go searching. Sometimes, we didn’t even need words. A wide-eyed look with a nod towards the upstairs was indication enough that Dude needed to be found before someone else came across him.

Luckily, I don’t think this phase lasted particularly long. Though it’s one that Dude randomly slipped back into from time to time.

Out of habit, I STILL run upstairs and make sure he’s in a clothing-wearing mood before I let any company wander upstairs.


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