“The Talk”

I’m not even sure where to begin with this one.. First, the simple part:

Back story #1

Dude’s head contains more music than most people’s iTunes libraries. Sometimes he references a song soon after hearing it, and sometimes he files it away and references it months later.

Back story #2

I’m going to go ahead and make a vast generalization and say that most kids fear the day their parent(s) sit them down for “the talk.” You know. The one about the birds and the bees. I would guess that most parents don’t particularly relish the thought of it either. They get it out of the way in the pre- or early adolescence years and hope they don’t have to bring it up again.

Dude-ism #31

I studied abroad for a semester during my junior year of college. When I returned, waiting for me at the airport were my parents, Dude, and my then-boyfriend. To celebrate my homecoming, my parents prepared one of my favorite meals for dinner.

As we sat down to dinner, Dude got his impish grin (the one that normally indicates he is about to say something he finds amusing) and said in his sing-songy voice, “Let’s talk about seeeeeex.”

Everyone stopped mid-bite and turned their heads toward Dude. I prayed I misheard what he had said.

Again, “Let’s talk about seeeeex.” Nope. Definitely did not mishear.

Here’s the thing about the birds and the bees. You’re supposed to leave “the talk” way back in those pre-adolescence years. If it comes up again, it does not, should not, come up in front of your parents AND the person you are currently dating.


It turns out Dude had been listening to the radio earlier and had heard the song. My dad and I debate which song he heard. Give the exact wording, I vote that it was the Salt-n-Pepa song. My dad thinks it was the George Michael one.

Since Dude hadn’t seen me in 5 months, he must have been saving up that doozy especially for me!



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