Illness runs amok

Dude-ism #34

On the first official day of spring, I made a huge mistake. I said, OUT LOUD, “I made it through the entire winter without getting sick!”

Oh, Julianne. Rookie mistake.

So naturally, one week later, Dude comes down with a sickness to end all sicknesses. It started off as a flu-like thing, minus the fever and the stomach upsetness, and deteriorated into a butt-kicking head cold. And as any of you with siblings or kids on the spectrum know, not all of our darling loved ones understand that they should COVER THEIR MOUTHS when they cough. I swear Dude purposefully mumbles something and waits until you lean in to hear him better before he unleashes a cough right in your face. I doubt he does it with malicious intention, but sometimes you get to wondering… 

So despite my best efforts, I have now developed a sore throat that makes me want to claw at my neck. This is normally the first stage of an illness for me. At this point, I can normally head off whatever I’m about to come down with by sleeping extra and chugging water. However, I had six 24oz bottles (yes SIX) of water today and it did NOTHING. I think Dude got me good 😦

Please learn from my mistakes. Never, NEVER congratulate yourself out loud when you have avoided illness. You can think it. But don’t think it for longer than 5 seconds. Otherwise you WILL get sick. I promise.

Especially if you have a sibling that enjoys coughing in your face.


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