Walk on the wild side

Back story #1

When you’re in college, you spend a lot of time procrastinating. My roommates and I were particularly good at it. Our favorite methods were: NCIS marathons (turn on the USA network and I guarantee one will be on), having a battle of wits with the apartment upstairs (My Little Ponies and cement blocks were involved), and watching videos on YouTube.

Back story #2

One night, we spent a solid 2 hours watching clips from “Walk on the Wild Side,” a BBC production that features footage of animals in the wild being hilariously narrated by Brits.

Our favorite was the following:

Back story #3

Upon moving home, I spent one night showing my parents and Dude all the videos I considered hilarious. Dude particularly enjoyed the aforementioned clip. For a month afterwards, he would start saying, “Alan! Alan! Alan!” or singing the Jaws theme as soon as he was done eating, indicating that he wanted to see the video.

Dude-ism #36

While we were on vacation this past summer, we spent an evening walking around an open air mall. It’s this quaint little strip that gets ridiculously crowded during vacation season. Dude is normally a little reserved as we walk through since the noise level is a lot to process.

We had paused outside a store while Mom looked at the window display when suddenly a man about ten feet away from us shouted (in the exact same tone the groundhog used minus the British accent), “ALAN!”

Dude’s head snapped around in the direction of the man. He got a big grin on his face and started mimicking, “Alan! Alan! ALAN!”


Unrelated.. but another good one.


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