Mr. Dude goes to prom

It has been a very busy week for both Dude and the rest of the family! On Friday night, he had his last prom before he graduates in June (YIKES)!!! On Sunday, the family attended Huddle Up for Autism, a family fun day and autism awareness event at Lincoln Financial Field (home of the Philadelphia Eagles). Dude had a great time at both events!

Today’s post will be dedicated to his prom outing.

Back story #1

Photographing Dude is like trying to photograph an elusive, exotic animal. Well.. I guess it is different in that while said animals are impossible to find and keep from moving, Dude is completely stationary. He won’t run away from cameras, but he’ll just stand there. He won’t pose. He won’t smile when you say “1, 2, 3, CHEESE!” He generally looks everywhere except in the direction of the camera.

We have to break out sound toys as well as phrases, words, or intonations that Dude finds amusing in order to get a successful picture.

Back story #2

Dude does not like being the center of attention. At all. He will be compliant with photos to a certain extent, but then all he wants to do is escape to the quiet, controlled environment of his bedroom.

Dude-ism #37

Unfortunately for Dude, the paparazzi was out en masse on Friday night. Two sets of aunts and uncles, his parents, his sister, and two of the young women who do respite with him were on hand (one of whom was his date).

During a lull in the action, Dude came out to the kitchen where I was standing. As you know, he isn’t super talkative and various emotions aren’t easily distinguishable on his face. This was one of those moments where I understood exactly what he was trying to convey to me.

Dude: All finished.

Me: Not yet, bud. You still need to go to prom!

Dude, looking at me with a face that says Help! You’re the only one who can save me from this craziness!: Upstairs. Soon we go upstairs.

Dude did not get to go back upstairs. But we did get some awesome pictures!!! Enjoy!

Putting the corsage on his lovely date for the evening!


Cheesy grin with Mom and Dad

MY FAVORITE! Credit for this pose goes to Uncle Mike


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