The only dog Dude ever loved

 Back story #1

Our extended family is a bunch of dog lovers. There have been multiple dogs of multiple breeds throughout the years.




(L to R) Chipper, Chloe, and Lola



(Not pictured: Tugger).

All these dogs are/were wonderful dogs. However, they couldn’t compare to the dog love of Dude’s life. The first dog he ever knew is the one that will stay in his heart forever. And that dog was..

No, no. Not that Cujo. This one:

Cujo was our cousins’ teacup poodle. (Get the irony?) Dude was her SHADOW while she was alive. I’m not exaggerating. If Dude was over our cousins’ house, he was never more than four steps behind Cujo, and Cujo was always on the move trying to get away from him! The poor little dog couldn’t understand why he wouldn’t leave her alone.

Even as Cujo lost most of her teeth, lost her hearing, and got her jaw stuck open every time she yawned, Dude still loved her.

Dude-ism #38

Most children lose it every once in awhile. They cry, scream, fight, etc. Not Dude. Dude has always been mellow. 

That’s why it was such a big deal when Dude cried when our aunt picked up Cujo after our family dog-sat her for a long weekend. Big, silent alligator tears. He stood at the window crying, watching as their car drove away.

This made our mom think, “Oh good! They’re ready for a dog!” So we got one. The most hyperactive Labrador Retriever puppy you could imagine. This dog could have given Marley a run for his money.

Dude couldn’t have cared less about Nugget. Or Beauty. Or Tugger or Midge. Or Sugar. Or the pugs. Or Shelby. All subsequent dogs have been invisible to him.. if not nuisances.

Go figure.

Found this while I was hunting for old pictures of our dogs. Such a cutie!


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