The Music Man

Dude-ism #39

Last night, I managed to introduce Dude to music he HADN’T heard before.

I had finished dinner and was making sure Dude ate his. While doing this, I was fiddling around on my laptop. While Dude is eating, we generally try to minimize distractions (i.e. no music) because it messes with his ability to focus on eating, which is already a chore and doesn’t need to be any more difficult than it already is.

However, last night Dude actually ate remarkably well! I only had to prompt him at the very end. Dude is on spring break this week and yesterday he had the opportunity to get out in the sunshine and take a lengthy walk with Mom and her friend. The fresh air gave him an appetite!

As he got down to the last few pieces of ravioli, I decided it would be ok if I opened iTunes to download some new music (an hour and a half of commuting every day makes you go through your iPod REALLY fast).

For some time, I have been meaning to figure out what song is playing in the background of the “Water for Elephants” commercial. Turns out it’s “Cosmic Love” by Florence + The Machine.

There is a chance that Dude heard this song before, courtesy of his cousin, but you never would have guessed it based on his body language. As soon as I started playing it, he went completely still. Dude sat there, listening intently, staring at a fixed point on the table in front of him for the duration of the song. I could practically see the cogs in his head turning, processing the different harmonies and developing his own.

As soon as the song ended, Dude came out of his trance. His body relaxed and he looked at me and said, quite simply, “Yay.”

I guess that means “Cosmic Love” is Dude-approved? I’m thinking I’m going to have to go out and buy him the entire CD as an early birthday present (by the way.. Happy birthday to me today!).

The second song he got to hear was Mumford and Sons “Little Lion Man.” Dude didn’t get to listen to all of this one. I had to cut it off at the chorus as there is a bad word and I’m not about to be responsible for him learning a colorful euphemism for saying something got screwed up.

Even though he only got to hear about 15 seconds of the iTunes preview, he was humming the bridge and chorus to himself for a few hours afterward! It imprinted in his head that quickly.

My brother: the Music (Rain) Man

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