Music of the Night

Back story #1

For regular readers of this blog, you know that Dude loves listening to and experiencing music. He attends a weekly music appreciation class that, for awhile, included piano lessons. However, Dude lacks the fine motor skills to play. That doesn’t stop him from sitting down at our piano and tinkering away every once in awhile.

Generally, when Dude has the craving for piano music, he asks me to play. 

Back story #2

Dude hardly ever strings together a full sentence request. When he says, “No piano,” he means, “Julianne, I want you to play the piano.”

Most of the time, we let him get away with the abbreviated request because we know what he means.  

Dude-ism #40

As he was finishing up dinner tonight, Dude looked at me and said, “No piano.”

Mom cut in, “Dude, use all your words. Say, ‘Julianne, I want you to play the piano please.'”

Dude, “Iwantyoutoplaypianopleasebeedidibop.”

Good enough.

Dude appreciates all kinds of music, but when it comes to the piano, I thought he preferred jazzy standards like “Take the A Train” and Billy Joel music.

That’s why I was surprised when I heard him humming along with Clementi’s “Sonatina.”

Then I was REALLY surprised when I asked him what he wanted to hear next. I wasn’t really expecting him to answer, so I asked, “How about some Aladdin?”

“Not yet,” Dude said definitively.

“Well, what do you want to hear?” I asked, still not really expecting an answer.

“Opera,” replied Dude.

“Opera?” I was so confused. I don’t have piano music from any operas. Then, it dawned on me. “Wait.. Phantom of the Opera?” I asked.

“Yes yes,” Dude affirmed. (Note: when Dude uses 2 of 3 yesses, he REALLY means yes.)


All these years… I had NO idea Dude liked “Phantom of the Opera.”


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