Dude + Movies = Inappropriate Laughter

Dude-ism #41

Going to the movies with Dude has always been entertaining.

He didn’t last more than thirty minutes the first time we went to the movies as a family. (A valiant attempt at seeing Toy Story, I might add.)

Over time, as our Mom developed her “bag of tricks,” Dude was able to last longer and longer in the movie theater.

However, an interesting new habit developed.. Laughing at inappropriate times.

Did Dude laugh when Timon and Pumba were bantering with Simba in The Lion King? Nope. He laughed as Scar killed Mufasa. Why? ‘Cause Scar’s voice is super low and therefore really entertaining to Dude’s ears.

Did Dude laugh at any of Eddie Murphy’s quips as Mushu in Mulan? Nope. He cracked up when Shan-Yu burnt down an entire village of innocent people (my girl cousins and I were mortified). Once again, the gravelly voice was the draw.

During Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt I, Dude laughed through the tense scenes leading up to Ron abandoning Harry and Hermione in the woods. Why? Because the radio was sliding between stations and making that static-y radio sound.

When he saw Unstoppable (the movie about the runaway train starring Denzel Washington), Dude was giggling and mumbling “Chugga chugga chugga chugga choo choo” under his breath throughout the movie.


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