Baby fever

We had such a lovely Mother’s Day! Mom had two requests leading up to her special day. 1) She didn’t want to cook. 2) She wanted the family to frolic in nature together. And by frolic, I mean go on a hike at a local state park.

Dude surprised me in the fulfillment of both these requests.

First off, apparently Dude likes eggs. I had no idea! Dad and I made scrambled eggs and bacon for breakfast and Dude gobbled them up! He always eats carb based food when he goes out for breakfast: french toast, pancakes, or waffles (depending on his mood).  I had no inkling that eggs were even remotely on his radar.

Secondly, Dude ROCKED at hiking. Granted, it was an easy trail.. but it had varying degrees of incline and some rocky areas and low hanging branches that required motor planning on Dude’s part. He got around them like a champ! Typically, Dude walks at a snail’s pace, but he was right on our heels throughout! We were so proud!!! He was chattering to himself most of the way and seemed to really enjoy hearing so many different birds.

After walking, we sat in the park a bit longer and enjoyed the weather as well as some quality people watching.

That was our Mother’s Day. I hope everyone else had a lovely one as well!

Now for today’s Dude post. Although I guess the above sort of counts..

Back story #1

Dude isn’t a fan of babies. Well.. 95% of the time, he is indifferent to babies. He only really doesn’t like them when they cry.. which is often.

Back story #2

I, however, am baby crazy. I love holding them. I love how when they are becoming conscious of their surroundings and discovering cause and effect, everything is a miracle to them. Babies on the beach? Adorable. When I’m in a sad or grumpy mood, I look up videos of laughing babies on YouTube. If you’re still grumpy after looking at that adorableness, you have no heart.

One of the things about being in your 20s is that your friends start having babies. Or friends of friends have babies. And then your Facebook newsfeed gets overloaded with cuteness.

Dude-ism #44

The other night, I was showing my parents Facebook pictures of a particularly adorable infant. We were all oohing and aahing when Dude came over to see what we were looking at.

Apparently Dad and Dude had encountered a baby a few nights before. To prompt his memory, Dad asked, “Dude, remember the baby from the other night?”

In response, Dude let out what can only be described as a snort of derision.

I’m trying to decide how to best describe this. It wasn’t quite the snort you get when you hold in laughter. It was more when you acknowledge something someone said to you and you’re hardcore judging what they said or the person or thing they referenced. Something along the lines of, “Sally got her 15th cosmetic procedure done today.” “HMPH.”

That “HMPH” was Dude’s reaction to the mention of a baby.

I guess he isn’t going to be a very doting uncle to my hypothetical future children.


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