Suggestions needed!

Dear Readers,

In a couple weeks, Dude will be turning 21. For momentous birthdays such as this, we like Dude to adhere to the cultural traditions that go along with them.

When Dude turned 16, Dad sat him in the driver’s seat of the car and gave him a stationary driving lesson.

For Dude’s 21st birthday, we are going to take him out to dinner and have him try an alcoholic beverage. For the past couple weeks, we have been asking people’s opinion as to what Dude should try. Beer is definitely a no-go. We’re thinking something that tastes fruit punch-like would be the best bet.

This is where you come in, readers. I know you’re out there. You don’t typically leave comments, but I know you read this because site stats don’t lie!

What beverage do you think Dude should try? Suggestions are appreciated!

Thanks in advance!



6 thoughts on “Suggestions needed!

  1. Julianne,
    What sort of non-alcoholic drinks does he like? That would make a good base, and Dude would be able to taste the difference that the alcohol makes in a cocktail, which makes the 21st birthday experience fun!
    Also, that 16th birthday driving lesson is a great idea!

    • He mainly drinks the following: chocolate milk, water, and juice boxes (fruit punch, apple, and berry flavored). We were leaning towards something juice based.. like berry or fruit punch.

      He doesn’t like anything coconut or pineapple flavored, so we have to stay away from that.

  2. I would say an icey margarita, like they have at Mad4, but light on the alcohol. Or a strawberry daquiri. Those you can barely taste the alcohol

    • I had a mudslide on my 50th birthday, yummy, needed extra insulin for that one.
      Aunt Lucy makes the best strawberry daiquiri, and could probably make a weaker version for the Dude.

      • I think Dude would like an Alabama Slammer. I remember enjoying a few when I was 21 . . . Any decent bartender can mix one. It’s Southern Comfort Whiskey (which comes in flavors now; peach is nice), Sloe Gin (a red berry flavored liqueur which gives the drink its fruit punch color), some amaretto and orange juice. They are quite refreshing! Just go easy on the alcohol . . . Aunt Marie would love to share one with Dude.

  3. Try a Malibu Bay Breeze. Tastes like a less-coconutty pina colada. It’s absolutely delicious and light on the alcohol. šŸ™‚

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