Rolling in the deep (w/ DCI)

Back story #1

Most of you are probably familiar with “Rolling in the Deep” by Adele. If you aren’t, that means you never listen to the radio, or watch American Idol, or shop in stores.

For those of you not familiar, enjoy:

Back story #2

As I believe I mentioned earlier this year, one of Dude’s favorite things is Drum Corps International (DCI). DCI is like marching band on steroids. The general demographic for the group is young adults who can’t get enough of marching band in the fall, so they pay to do it in the summer as well. They rehearse ridiculous hours and travel all around the country competing against other corps. The circuit makes a yearly stop in Allentown, PA in August. Dude has gone to that show at least several times now.

Unfortunately for our family, something came in the mail from DCI last week. The flyer has been attached to Dude’s hand since then. It basically never leaves his sight (except when he’s at school). And we’ve had to hear, on repeat:

“No DCI!” “No Drum Corps International!” “No Allentown!” “Soon we go to DCI in August!” “No DCI. No DCI. No DCI. NO DCI.”

I think he’s just a little bit excited?

Dude-ism #45

The other night, I was cleaning up in the kitchen as Dude was eating. I started singing “Rolling in the Deep” to myself.

When I got to the part, “We could have had it aaaaaaaaall,” Dude cut in and sang, “No Drum Corps Internaaaaaaaaational.”


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