Happy Birthday, Mr. Dude!

Today is a momentous day in two respects. First, it’s Memorial Day and everyone should take a minute to silently thank all the U.S. servicemen and women in the Armed Forces who have died while fighting for our country.

Secondly, it’s Dude’s 21st birthday! We’ve had beautiful weather all weekend! Yesterday, our family, our grandparents, and Dude’s godmother went to the Philadelphia Zoo (pictures to follow in a few days). Dude had a great time and even went up in the giant zoo balloon!!!

Today is probably going to be more low key. We’re going to Dude’s favorite restaurant (Red Lobster), so he can have one of his favorite things (Cheddar Bay Biscuits MMM MMMM) and try his first alcoholic drink. Jury’s still out on what drink we’re ordering for him, but I’ll be sure to let you know what he tries and how he likes it. Thank you, by the way, for all of your suggestions! Some of them definitely have potential!

In honor of Dude’s birthday, I scoured through our family photos and picked out a selection of Dude photos through the years. There are a lot of baby ones, but I couldn’t help it… he was such a cute, pudgy baby!!!

Hello, baby brother!

Cutie pie!

Lil' Devil on Halloween

First Christmas

First Easter

LOVE this picture! It's so Dude! On his 2nd birthday.


Dude is clearly not liking Santa in this picture. (YOU SMELL LIKE BEEF AND CHEESE!)

Off to school!

Meeting Piglet at Disney World! (Dude basically held is ears like this nonstop for many, many years.)

One time on vacation, he found all his sound toys and hid in the closet with them.

One of Dude's favorite places.. the beach!


Dude's ready for some football!!! GO TERPS!

Happy Dude!

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