NOT in Maryland

Whew. It has been a hectic week and a half. I apologize for the lack of Dude postings, but I just moved this past weekend (independence, WOOT!) and simply did not have time to sit down and write anything between packing, moving, and unpacking.

Sadly, this means I won’t be in the same house as Dude anymore. I’ve given our parents strict instructions to keep me updated with Dude-isms, so hopefully we won’t be wanting for material.

Back story #1

We decided it would be best if Dude did not partake in the moving process this weekend. We knew it was going to be a really long day and that there wouldn’t be a lot of extra space for him to move around. Instead, he spent the day with our grandparents while my parents, cousins, and I MacGyvered all my stuff up a spiral staircase.

Back story #2

We’re not really sure what Dude’s concept of time and major life events is. We know that he understands that certain things happen in certain months (i.e. Christmas is in December, vacation is in July), but we don’t know if he gets the passage of time.

For example, while I was in school, I really only ever returned to Pennsylvania for short visits. Dude was used to me showing up for a weekend or one or two weeks at a time and then returning to Maryland.

We don’t know if he understands that when he attended my graduation last May, that signified the end of my time in Maryland.

Until this past weekend, I had been living at home for almost exactly one year. I’m not sure if that felt like a year to Dude, or if he thought it was one of my shorter stays.

However, it did not escape his notice that my entire bedroom was empty and I was nowhere to be seen Sunday night.

Dude-ism #46

On Sunday night, Mom was saying prayers with Dude, as usual. However at the end of the usual prayer routine, she tacked on, “And God bless Julianne, who’s getting settled in her new apartment.”

“In MARYLAND!” Dude declared.

Mom tried to explain that I’m done with college and I don’t live in Maryland anymore. However, Dude is so used to me disappearing to UMD that I’m not sure he’ll understand until he sees the new place.

I’m also not sure if he’ll forgive me when he realizes that I’m not going to live in Maryland again for the foreseeable future. Oops.


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