The Hamster Dance

Back story #1

When you ask Dude a question, 95% of the time his response is going to be “not yet.” Even if “not  yet” doesn’t make sense as a response, that is what he’ll say.

Back story #2

Dude LOVES sound toys/cards. By sound cards, I mean the greeting cards that play music or make noise when you open them.

Back story #3

I thought I was a genius when I decided to get Florence + The Machine’s CD “Lungs” for Dude’s birthday. He has really seemed to enjoy their music in the past and I THOUGHT he would like to listen through the entire CD.

Dude-ism #47

On Dude’s birthday, there was a pile of cards and some gifts for him to open.

I knew my gift was in trouble as soon as he opened Mom Mom and Pop Pop’s card.

Mom Mom managed to find the perfect Dude birthday card. It played “The Hamster Dance” song. Dude was mesmerized as soon as he opened it. For the rest of lunch, he kept singing the first three syllables, “Dee dee DEE, Dee dee DEE, Dee dee DEE, Dee dee DEE.” Over and over and over.

When we got home, Dude made a beeline upstairs with all his sound cards. In addition to “The Hamster Dance” he also got “La Bamba,” “Can’t Touch This,” and something else that I’m not remembering right now…

For the next 72 hours, all our family heard was The Hamster Dance (it only lasted 72 hours because he managed to wear out the battery that quickly).

Florence + The Machine sat untouched, so I thought, hey, I’ll listen to it while I’m packing up my room.

Because I’m a nice sister and don’t want to just take things without asking, I approached Dude as he was laying on his bed opening and closing his cards.

“Hey Dude.. can I borrow this?” I asked, holding up the CD.

“Not yet,” Dude replied.

Well, he always says that. I tried a different form of questioning.

“Dude. May I please listen to this? Yes or no?” I asked.

Dude looked me directly in the face, “No.”

Well then.

In typical sisterly fashion, I politely ignored him and borrowed it anyway.


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