Mr. Dude graduates

This past Tuesday, Dude graduated! I was probably more excited and emotional for Dude’s graduation than I was for my high school and college graduations combined.

We weren’t quite sure how Dude was going to handle the graduation ceremony. Would he process in to Pomp and Circumstance the right way? Would he stand up and sit down when the rest of the graduates did? Would he walk up to the stage when his name was called?

With a little bit of help from his aide, Dude did great! The only time he really had enough and started zoning out was after 20 minutes of the paparazzi family taking pictures of him.

A BIG thanks to everyone from the extended family who came out for the occasion! Dude isn’t the best at showing emotions, but he definitely appreciated all of you being there!

Dude-ism #48

When Dude’s name was called to come up and receive his diploma, he didn’t react right away. The girl next to him gave him a nudge and his aide pointed him in the direction of the stage. Dude went up the stairs to the waiting principal and posed for a picture with his diploma.

After the quick photos were done, Dude turned to go back to his seat.

What were his thoughts about graduating?

“All gone,” Dude said, loud enough for the most of the room to hear as he made his way down the stage stairs.



I apologize for the quality of the following photos, but something is better than nothing, right?

Dude was cool as a cucumber before the ceremony!



Processing out. At which point it definitely got too loud for Dude.


Congratulations hugs from Dad!


Such a proud sister!

 (Editor’s note: Unfortunately I don’t have a good photo of the entire family. So that one will have to wait for now.)

Cracking up with his godparents.


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