Please sir (ma’am), I want some more!

Back story #1

Dude isn’t huge on desserts. What I mean to say is, he likes desserts fine, but he doesn’t have self-control issues when it comes to sweets like most of his immediate family does. Out of habit, he normally has Cameo cookies after dinner, but I don’t think he would go out of his way to find donuts, cake, candy, ice cream, etc. Normally, if we have a birthday party or holiday, Dude eats his obligatory piece of cake or bowl of ice cream and that’s it for him.

Back story #2

For Dude’s birthday, his class at school was kind enough to throw a mini party for him at lunch. They got him a giant sheet cake. White frosting, half chocolate cake, half vanilla. Naturally, the leftovers got sent home to our house.

For a few days, the cake sat there, mainly untouched. Dude didn’t ask for it and my parents and I tried our darndest to avoid eating it.

Back story #3

I’m sure I don’t have to remind you. But in case you forgot.. Dude is the slowest eater EVER.

Dude-ism #50

That weekend, we cut the last pieces of the cake and put them on a plate for easier storage. When Dude finished eating lunch, I told him he was going to have a piece for dessert. I put a slice on his plate and put the remainder in the bay window behind him.

The next thing I know, Dude’s plate was clear. He INHALED the cake. The way he was scarfing it down, you would have thought we hadn’t fed that boy for a week.

“All gone,” Dude said.

“It sure is,” I replied.

Then Dude swiveled in his chair and reached toward the plate of remaining cake in the window (**if you have any experience with autism, you understand how exciting it is for us when Dude initiates ANYTHING on his own without any prompting), “Cake,” he said.

“You want MORE?!” I asked, incredulously.

“Yes, yes,” Dude answered, flicking his wrist as he did so. (He does the wrist flick with his hand in a fist to emphasize when he says “Yea,” “Yes,” and “Yay.” We don’t know why he does it.)

So I gave him a second piece. And he inhaled that too.


Long story short.. We need to find out where they got that cake from.


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