Dude-ism #51

Dude has always been very opinionated when it comes to what music he listens to at bedtime. Mom and Dad ask him what he wants to listen to, and Dude lays there, concentrating. You can see him mentally flipping through his CD collection, trying to come up with the best option.

He recently added a new step to the CD selection process. He only does this intermittently. Sometimes, when Dad asks Dude what he wants to listen to, Dude puts on his concentration face and goes, “Ummmmmm,” before he announces his selection. He has never ever done that before, and it’s immensely entertaining.

He even used it to correct himself one night. One of our neighbors recently gave Dude a CD of drum corps music (have I mentioned that we have really good people in our lives who are really good to Dude?). Up until this point, Dude has only had drum corps DVDs.

Dad asked Dude what he wanted to listen to for bed.

Dude responded, “Drum corps DV—, ummmm, drum corps CD!”


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