Congratulations, McDonald’s. Your advertising works.

The family is back from yet another fabulous vacation to one of our favorite places on Earth. Apparently we picked a great week to go away. The record-breaking heat that parked itself over twenty-some states for the week did not reach the Jersey shore until Friday. Gotta love that sea breeze.. keeps the heat away! Ahh I miss it already.

After spending a full week with my brother, I have to say that I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to strap a recording device to him and just let it go for a solid 24-48 hours. The kid was a singing MACHINE the entire week. He started off the week with some chair dancing and singing along to The Beach Boys. Followed that up with The Beatles. Then we broke into our Disney Collection. I already knew that Dude liked the jazzy The Jungle Book soundtrack, but I had no clue he would enjoy Mary Poppins. After playing “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious,” Dude kept walking around singing, “Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiit’s sup-! Iiiiiiiiiiiiit’s sup-!”

Next, I turned on the Dirty Dancing soundtrack. I mainly put it on for the doo-wop stuff, which I know if something Dude always enjoys. But he surprised me by being really into the instrumental Merengue.

And of course, we rounded out the week with some Mighty Sound of Maryland music. For you band alumni out there, in case you were wondering, Dude considers the 2007 season’s music the best out of the years I marched.

But anyway, the harmonies Dude was coming out with… RIDICULOUS. He was doing jazz riffs and syncopations like you wouldn’t believe. Dad and I just kept staring at each other in disbelief.

I wish I could do it justice by trying to type it out, but there’s just no way I can even come close. He was hopping all over in range, doing upbeats, counter-melodies, etc. etc.

So yea. Recorder. Strapping it to Dude’s body. I’ll figure it out one way or another.


And now for the Dude-ism that rounded out our vacation.

Dude-ism #57

Like I said, we managed to avoid the heat for most of the week. However, it struck with a vengeance on Friday and continued through today. It was already in the upper 80’s when we were packing up the car at 10am.

Dad sweats. A lot.

After one trip down to the car, we walked back into the room and felt the welcome blast of the air conditioner.

Dad let out a high-pitched, “Aaaaaah!” (Kind of like the “aaaahhhh” you associate with the concept of paradise/heaven/angels.)

Without looking up from the magazine he was paging through, Dude immediately sang, “Gimme back that filet o’ fish!”

Apparently Dad had “aaaahed” in the same key as the McDonald’s commercial that was really popular about a year and a half ago.


One thought on “Congratulations, McDonald’s. Your advertising works.

  1. Julianne is right – Dude was on a role with his musicality this past week! Some of the things he was coming out with were amazing! His grasp of musical concepts seems to be MUCH deeper than we ever thought. In one morning henripped off several amazing things, a few of which we had never heard before! Quite the musical artist.

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