Back story #1

Dude goes through phases of having a particular word or phrase that he says hundreds of times a day. Once he moves on to a new phrase, we try really hard not to bring up the old one so he doesn’t revert back.

Currently, his favorite phrase is, “All gonna die.” Late last year, it was, “Droiiiid,” (said the same way as the commercials).

Dude-ism #59

Last night,  my mom asked what phone I’m considering for my long overdue upgrade.

I’m considering an Android, but I didn’t want to say that in front of Dude, who was sitting at the kitchen table, looking at a Kohl’s circular.

I started to respond, “Remember that alien-based commercial that Dude used to…”

“Droiiiid!” Dude said, looking up at me expectantly.

He heard the words “phone” and “alien” and figured it out right away. Which leads me to my final point –


Two things my brother is not:

1) Stupid

2) Hard of hearing


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