Karate chop

Back story #1

Dude is very good at making and memorizing associations. Once he creates an association, he’ll hang on to it for quite some time.

Dude-ism #62

A couple weeks ago, the whole family was out at a Phillies game. And by whole family, I mean: two sets of aunts and uncles, three cousins, Dude and me, our parents, and our Pop Pop. We had a big tailgate set up just across from the stadium. We had been sitting for awhile, chatting and enjoying the perfect weather, when Dude abruptly stood up and started making his way across the tailgate. Mom and I were tense, waiting to see if he was going to make a run for it (as he is sometimes prone to doing).

However, Dude walked over to our Uncle Mike, faced his back to him, and waited.

We all burst out laughing.

For years, Uncle Mike randomly does rapid karate chop hand movements on Dude’s back; and Dude LOVES it because it makes his voice vibrate. Our immediate family tries to mimic it as best we can, but no one is as good as Uncle Mike… And Dude knows it.


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