Birthdays and a hug

Firstly, on behalf of Dude and myself, wishing our mom a very happy birthday!!! You don’t get enough props for everything you do for our family, and especially Dude, on a daily basis. Just know that while we don’t always say it, we appreciate you more than words can convey.

Dude-ism #63

Last night, I was in the ‘burbs as part of a two night stay for Mom’s birthday. I haven’t been to my parents’ house for over a month, and Dude was understandably a bit perplexed by my sudden appearance. He didn’t seem to mind though, once I sat down and played Angry Birds with him for a half hour.

Around the time Dude was getting ready for bed, I was in the office on the computer. Dude walked down the hallway to put his dirty clothes in the hamper. He stood there, repeating some of his token phrases over and over, trying to get me to say them too (which I did).

Then, Dude decided it was time to head back to his room.

“Goodby–, ummm, goodniiiight!” he said to me in his sing-songy voice.

I laughed, “Goodnight, Dude.”

He lingered a bit longer, seemingly waiting for me to do or say something.

“Do you want a hug goodnight?” I asked.

“Yes yes yes,” Dude replied.


And they say kids with autism shun emotional attachment and displays of affection.


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