The Terps are #1.. HUH!

Back story #1

While I was in college at the University of Maryland, I participated in the marching band CAUSE I’M SUPER COOL LIKE THAT. (Seriously though, I’m a nerd and loved it.) As you undoubtedly know by now, Dude LOVES everything having to do with marching bands. I had to order extra copies of all our DVDs and CDs for Dude. He plays different show seasons on repeat at least once a week.. but starts listening to them practically every day in the late summer and early fall once football season starts back up.

Back story #2

The Mighty Sound of Maryland has this one tradition called Trucking.

Hmm how to explain Trucking?

Well, the band does it before and after every home football game. They line up four people across, divided by sections, and march along to a bunch of different drum cadences. During the cadences, the band yells stuff. Some things are Maryland-related, some things are seemingly completely random. There are some times when the band yells in unison, and some times when each section is doing something completely different from each other. The band dances around, does horn movements, and generally just has a lot of fun.

Back story #3

Trucking is probably one of Dude’s favorite things about the MSOM.


This is what we recite quietly to him (complete with our best interpretation of the drum breaks) when he’s really anxious or after he’s had an outburst and needs help calming down.

He knows it by heart, and no matter how upset he is, he almost always cracks a smile by the time we reach the end.

Dude-ism #64

Thankfully, this story does not involve an anxious moment or an outburst.

One morning, Dad was helping Dude with his morning self-care routine. To keep Dude moving and motivated, Dad started going through the Truck.

At the end of the Truck, the entire band yells, “THE TERPS ARE NUMBER ONE, HUH!”

When Dad finished the last word, “HUH,” Dude picked up with, “What is it good for? Absolutely nothing!”


Yep. He joined the Truck with “War” by Edwin Starr.


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