Maryland Fight Song

Back story #1

This past Saturday, the Maryland football team faced off against the FSU Seminoles in Tallahassee. For reasons unknown (as both teams are unranked), ABC decided to broadcast the game. Dude and I were pretty excited about this given that Maryland games are hardly ever on in Philly. So at 3:30pm, we sat down to watch it together.

Back story #2

As I have alluded to in the past, Maryland is Dude’s absolutely favorite university sports team. As I have also mentioned, Dude is very easily amused by people chanting things in unison. You can read about past experiences here and here.

Dude-ism #70

Unfortunately, Maryland got BLOWN OUT for the majority of the game. It was seriously painful. Not as painful as the Temple game earlier this season, but still painful.

This, of course, was to the delight of the FSU fans… and by extension, Dude. Dude was delighted because the fans were going crazy chanting and singing their War Chant.

After one of the many touchdowns the ‘Noles scored, Dude grinned and exclaimed, “Touchdooooown Seminooooles!” and then started singing War Chant along with the crowd.

In vain, I tried to explain to him that he shouldn’t be so happy because Maryland was losing.

“Dude,” I explained, “You shouldn’t be singing with them. You should be singing the Maryland Fight Song!”

And then I tried to start singing the Fight Song**.

Only I couldn’t remember how it started. I could pick it up in the middle, but I couldn’t remember the beginning.

Four years of being in the marching band and playing that song over and over and over (the football team went 2-10 my senior year, HUZZAH!) and I couldn’t even remember how it started.

“Shoot,” I said out loud. “How does that start?”

Dude didn’t miss a beat.

“Fight, fight, fight for Maryland!!!” he started singing in perfect key.

My brother is a better alum than I am, and he didn’t even go to Maryland!


**this is the song the Mighty Sound of Maryland plays when the other team scores a touchdown


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