Dude’s Maryland Adventure Pt. 1

This past weekend was Dude’s long-awaited trip to Maryland!

He was full of hilariousness this weekend, so I’ve decided to break the recap up into parts.

Part I/Dude-ism #72

Because the football game was at 12:30pm on Saturday, my family decided to head down Friday night. Dude likes to watch the marching band during their pregame practice, which typically occurs four hours before kickoff. Since we were in no mood to wake up and drive down to Maryland at 5:30 in the morning, Friday night seemed like a wise decision.

The family van pulled up outside my apartment around 8:30pm. I hopped in the backseat and turned to Dude. “We’re finally going to Maryland!” I exclaimed. “Are you excited?”

I was expecting Dude to be super smiley and chatty. Instead, he was pensive and quiet. “Soon we go to Maryland,” he murmured. It seemed like Dude didn’t trust that we were actually going. He wasn’t going to celebrate going to Maryland until he actually SAW that we were there.

We began our journey down I-95 S.

As we got closer and closer to our destination, Dude cracked more and more smiles. (Dude has a great memory when it comes to directions. Even in the dark, he knew we were taking the correct route.)

As we took the University of Maryland exit and pulled onto Route 1, Dude exclaimed, in the exact same tone the announcer uses during the marching band’s pregame performance**, “The Mighty Souuuuund of Marrrrrylaaaaaand!”

It was Dude’s way of saying, ‘Alright. We’re here. Let’s get this party started.’

From that point on, Dude was Mr. Smiley Chatterbox.


**Please follow this link and start the video at 3:09 to hear it.


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