Dude’s Maryland Adventure Pt. 2

To read the first part of Dude’s trip to Maryland last week, kindly click here.

Part II/Dude-ism #73

On Saturday morning, Dad’s alarm went off at 6am. The hope was that everyone could get showered and eat breakfast before heading over to campus to see the marching band practice at 8:30am.

Instantaneously, Dude’s head popped off the pillow.

“No practice field!” were his first words before his eyes were even open.

The next two hours consisted of Dude driving us insane with his litany of Maryland phrases.

“No practice field.”

“Soon we go to practice field.”

“No Maryland football game.”

“No Maryland marching band.”

“Cheerleaders! Color guard! Dancers!”

“No practice field.”

Rinse. Wash. Repeat. Again and again and again.

Finally, we arrived on campus around 8:30 and parked in our usual spot, close to the practice field.

As soon as Dude opened his door, the sound of the band rehearsing hit him. He was practically shaking he was so excited.

As I have mentioned in the past, Dude has two paces: Slow and Slower. This kid walks slowly, eats slowly, gets changed slowly, transitions slowly, etc. There is absolutely nothing fast or frenetic about Mr. Dude except for two instances:

1) When he’s angry/upset/frustrated… the kid can RUN,

2) When the Mighty Sound of Maryland is involved.

As we started walking toward the practice field, Dude walked at a pace that would make champion speed walkers PROUD. Mom, who had linked arms with him, was practically jogging to match his pace. Dad and I trailed behind, laughing hysterically and taking video (which, unfortunately, I don’t have in my possession).



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