Dude’s Maryland Adventure Pt. 4 (Final)

I realize I have dragged this out for far too long. I apologize. Work has been busy and blogging hasn’t been my top priority.

Part IV/Dude-ism #75

Nothing of note happened during the game on November 5th. The Terps lost (as per usual).

Fast forward to after the game.

You may not know this, but sometimes Dude is very opinionated about his outfits. Once he gets his mind set on wearing a particular shirt, he will hammer the message home that THAT is THE shirt he wants to wear. He’ll make Mom or Dad take it out of his closet and hang it on his dresser the night before he wants wear it.. simply so he can look at it.

During the football game, Dude got it in his head that he wanted to wear his “black Maryland shirt” on Sunday (thankfully, that was the shirt Mom had packed).

When we returned to my friend’s tailgate, Dude kept saying, “No black Maryland shirt. No black. No black. No black Maryland shirt.” For Dude’s use of the word “no” please refer to the Dude Language Guide.

When it was time to go, we headed to the parking garage. Dad and Dude opened the door to the landing just as the elevator to the landing opened at the same time.

Inside the elevator were two African American men.

Guess what Dude decided to say right at that moment?

“No black!”

Dad quickly piped up, trying not to look sheepish in front of the gentlemen, “Do you want to wear your black Maryland shirt tomorrow? Ok then!”



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