Happy Thanksgiving

Back story #1

Dude loves parades. He has been talking about the Thanksgiving Day Parade for several weeks now. He doesn’t mind which one he watches, whether it be Macy’s in New York or the Philadelphia one. He just wants to see some marching bands and huge balloons.

Dude-ism #76

When I got downstairs this morning, Dude was sitting in the family room, completely entranced by the Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day parade.

“Good morning, Dude,” I said.

He didn’t even glance my way.

“Good morning, Dude,” I tried again.

Dude threw me a look over his shoulder, “It’s empty.” This has been a favorite phrase recently. Don’t know where it came from or what it means.

This time, I paused the TV. “Dude, look at me. Happy Thanksgiving!”

“All gonna die,” Dude said before impatiently turning his gaze back to the TV.


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


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