Deck the Halls

Dude-ism #77

For the past 5 years, our family has been putting up our Christmas tree the weekend after Thanksgiving (mainly because a certain college-aged daughter at the time threw a fit when it was suggested that she would not partake in said tradition because of her school schedule, but that’s neither here nor there).

We’re a family of habit. When we set up the tree (Team Fake Tree!!!) and decorate it, we listen to the same Christmas CDs in the same order. Every. Year.

This year, I came across the movie Elf on TV right as we were pulling the tree out of the box.

I LOVE this movie. Finding a way to quote this movie in every day life is something of an art form with my friends from college and me.

We left Elf on and called Dude downstairs to start decorating.

As soon as Dude entered the family room, he frowned at the TV and then looked at me.

“No Harry Connick Jr.,” Dude said. For Dude’s use of the word “no,” please refer to the Dude Language Guide.

Any guesses as to what Christmas CD we normally listen to first when decorating the tree?

If you guessed Harry Connick Jr.’s “When My Heart Finds Christmas,” you are correct!

Dude was not about to let us alter tradition. And so, off went Elf and on went Harry Connick Jr.

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