The Twitterverse & More Decking the Halls

Hi friends,

So there’s this hashtag that popped up on Twitter last week. #YouMightBeAnAutismParentIf. If you have a Twitter account and want a glimpse into autism in 140 characters or less, sign into your account and search that hashtag. The posts are thoughtful, poignant, hysterical, and heartbreaking.

Now if only more sibs were online. I know you all exist. With 1 in 110 kids being diagnosed with autism, statistics say you HAVE to exist. #YouMightBeAnAutismSibIf should totally be a thing. Get on that.

Now onto another dude-ism from tree decorating this past weekend.

Dude-ism #78

Earlier this week, I posted about Dude’s need for sameness during our tree decorating tradition.

After the Harry Connick Jr. CD played through, Dude continued voicing his preferences for music. Next, we listened to an a cappella group that we discovered when we were in Disney World. (Return 2 Zero. They’re fantastic.)

After that finished, Dude said, “No Mannheim Steamroller.” For Dude’s use of the word “no,” please refer to the Dude Language Guide.

I turned it on.

“Thank you,” Dude said.

Clear as a bell.

While looking at me.

With NO prompting.

And he said it like he sincerely meant it.

This NEVER happens.

And that is why I live for and embrace Dude’s small victories.


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