The Pitfalls of Echolalia

Back story #1

When Dude makes questionable statements like here and here and here and here, 99% of the time, it’s not our family’s fault. He picks up on things he hears on the radio, or conversations he overhears in public. Sometimes he repeats these things back as soon as he hears them, and sometimes he mulls over them and decides to spit them out at seemingly random times. This characteristic is a hallmark of autism, and it’s called echolalia.

Because of Dude’s penchant for repetition, our family has learned over the years to watch what we say very closely. There is next to no cursing in our house and we even try to stay away from making questionable statements.

That being said..

Sometimes we screw up.

Back story #2

Our parents have an appreciation for wine. Our father especially. A few years ago, his doctor told him he needed to raise his HDL (good cholesterol). She said one of the ways to do that was to have a glass of red wine every night. Dad gleefully complied.

It’s gotten to be a joke that when Dad disappears for more than an hour, it means he’s at the Wine and Spirits Shoppe buying out their supply of wine (not literally, but there was that one time he came back with ten bottles).

They recently ran a promo at the store where you could get a reusable bag with six wine slots for a penny. Observe:

Dad obviously got one and I’m pretty sure it was the highlight of his week.

Dude-ism #79

When I was home over Thanksgiving, Dad and I ran out to the Wine and Spirits Shoppe to pick up some things.

As we were heading out, Mom reminded us, “Don’t forget the booze bag!”

She completely forgot Dude was in hearing distance.

“BOOZE BAG, BABY!” Dude immediately exclaimed.



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