Michael Buble and Jingle Bells

Back story #1

If you’re new to According to Dude, you might not know about Dude’s major love in life, music. I could link all the posts where I’ve mentioned this before, but that would take way too long. Just trust me when I say that Dude lives for music. He’ll listen to just about any genre, we’re 99% sure he has perfect pitch, he talks in a sing-song voice most of the time, etc. etc.

Dude-ism #80

Last night at dinner, Dude kept singing parts of the Bing Crosby version of “Jingle Bells.” It’s old-fashioned big band swinging awesomeness.

As it turns out, Michael Buble is a huge fan of this version of “Jingle Bells” as well. He likes it so much that he decided to cover it on his new Christmas album. I just discovered this via Pandora last week (thanks Pandora!). Dare I say it? I may like his version even better than the Bing Crosby one.

Either way, I pulled up Michael Buble’s song on YouTube for Dude to listen to.

The verdict? IMMEDIATE SERIOUS FACE OF CONCENTRATION. Dude fell silent and stared intently at my phone, his ears drinking in the music. As the song was winding down, his hand reached out ever so slightly, inching its way toward my phone. As soon as Michael Buble let out the last note, Dude’s hand connected with my phone and he simultaneously blurted out, “Song. AGAIN.”

He would have listened to it 15 times if I let him. I think I may have found an additional Christmas present!



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