Terps are Number Ooooonnnnneeee!

Dude-ism #81

Last night I received the following text message and picture:

Dad (6:15pm): Dude is TOTALLY ready for the basketball game. He asked for the outfit and also brought down the foam fingers!!

All decked out in TERPS gear!

Let’s rewind so you can understand why this is hilarious.

Back story #1

Sometimes, Dude can be very opinionated about what he wears. Most often, he voices his preference for Maryland clothing (of which he has a LOT).

Yesterday morning, Dude apparently asked to wear his “gray Maryland sweatshirt” (which has been OBSESSED with recently) and “Maryland sweatpants.”

Back story #2

As one of his Christmas presents, I got Dude tickets to go see a Maryland basketball game. It turns out the men’s team is going to be in Philadelphia in January playing against Temple. My parents and I, unfortunately, made the mistake of mentioning this Maryland-themed outing in front of Dude in November, and the kid has not stopped talking about it since. “No Maryland basketball game.” “Soon we go to Maryland basketball game.” “Maryland basketball in January!” “No Maryland basketball game.” “No Maryland basketball game.” To understand Dude’s use of the word “no,” kindly refer to the Dude Language Guide.

Back story #3

Those foam hands have been sitting untouched in Dude’s room for YEARS. We didn’t even know if he understood their function. Turns out he does. He dug them out and put them on his hands. He also sifted through his various baseball hats, found the Maryland Band hat, and put that on as well. All of this happened without assistance. He came downstairs looking exactly as the picture above shows.

And then he proceeded to sit there and say repeatedly, “Terps are Number Oooonnneeee! Terps are Number Oooonnnneeee! Terps are Number Ooonnneeee!”


I think it’s pretty obvious that Dude is very excited for Maryland basketball.


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