To Tell the Truth

Back story #1

Many kids with autism do not grasp the concept of lying. Kids on spectrum tend to be very literal. Patterns of speech such as similes, metaphors, and lies can be difficult for them to comprehend. (No it is NOT raining cats and dogs. Why would you say such a thing??)

Therefore, when an individual with autism DOES tell a lie, a developmental milestone that most kids hit around 3 years old, his/her family will most likely be overjoyed.

That being said, we don’t know if Dude intentionally tells lies, or if he just likes agreeing to things people say or ask him.

Back story #2

Since I moved into my apartment, I’ve been curious as to whether Dude understands where I am. Before I came back to the Philadelphia area post-graduation, I lived in Maryland for four years. During that time, I only made brief appearances at my parents’ house. Dude understood that when I left, I was going to Maryland.

It turns out, Dude is still under that impression.

Back story #3

As previous posts have mentioned, Dude has a fondness for Maryland-themed clothing.

Also mentioned, we are attending a Maryland basketball game in January.

Dude-ism #82

A couple weeks ago, Dude decided he wanted to have a Maryland-themed clothing day. He left for his day program, completely decked out from head to toe.

When he got home that night, Mom opened his communication book that my parents and the staff use to jot down notes about Dude’s day, his mood, how he ate, etc.

This is a brief interpretation of what she read:

“We noticed that Dude was wearing a lot of Maryland gear, so we asked him if his sister was in town from Maryland this weekend. He said yes.” Partially true. I was home to watch him so my parents to go see a musical as their belated anniversary present from Dude and me. False in that I don’t live in Maryland anymore.

“He said she was going to take him to Maryland for a basketball game.” Completely false. The basketball game is in January and in Philadelphia, not Maryland!


Dude is a liar-liar-pants-on-fire!!!


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