Christmas Greetings for Your Hairdresser

Back story #1

Dude has been going to the same hairdresser for many years now. She’s fantastic at making an anxiety-inducing experience as pleasant as possible for him. Since we’re so appreciative of how kind she is to Dude, every year, Dude gets her a card and a small gift.

Dude-ism #83

Dad opened up the card to write a short message to Dude’s hairdresser.

Dad turned to Dude.

“Dude, what should we write to Liz?”

“Snip, snip, snip, yo.”

“You want me to write ‘snip, snip, snip,yo’?”

“Yes. Yes. Yes.”

So that’s exactly what went into her Christmas card.


3 thoughts on “Christmas Greetings for Your Hairdresser

  1. I know your brother from work. 🙂
    I LOVE to read your storys here, they make me laugh every time I read them. Its just typical him! He is the best!! Thank you

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